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Quality - without concessions

Whatever we deliver, no matter where, when or what the quantity, the quality is our trademark. Regardless of the points on the compass from which the products have come. We place high demands on our goods, just as we do on our suppliers. We select them with care and cultivate a personal relationship. We believe this to be a condition to doing good business: working together on the basis of trust, and undertaking ventures side by side. This way, we know exactly what we are getting, from where it has come, and under what circumstances it has been produced. The result is a surprisingly wide array of products, always of reliable quality.

The best possible balance between supply and demand. This is our aim. Naturally, we have to react quickly to all the whims of the market, but speed is also extremely important when it comes to transport. A delay would mean a loss.

Eurotrade has perfect facilities for providing fast, efficient transport. We maintain daily contact with dozens of reliable hailers who are convinced of the need for the high demands we make. This way, we are literally and figuratively right in the middle of the market, we know how to get anyplace on earth, and we are always able to transport products under the very best conditions. Quickly, safely and responsibly.

From harvest to final destination, we are deeply involved in guiding the products on their way. We are constantly alert to this process, we satisfy the highest international requirements in the areas of quality, hygiene, environmental protection, and safety and are therefore completely ISO and HACCP certified. Further more, we devote a great deal of attention to traceability, we have a highly advanced tracking system, and we are able to provide detailed information at any time.

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Rutu Agro Food Cold Storage
Multipurpose Frozen Cold Storage

Address: N.H. No. 8, Bhumel Chokdi, At. & Po. Kanjari - 387325.
Ta. Nadiad, Dist. Kheda, Guj - India.

E-mail Us:
dkpatel215@gmail.com, salesdk@rutuagrofood.com

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Dipak K. Patel :
+91 95869 74777
+91 90810 04567

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