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Facilities - No of chambers & with different temperatures

The refrigeration system is the heart of Freezer / Cold store which ensure its profit generation. The optimum temperature affects the quality of product being Frozen / Stored. Better quality of product and efficient refrigeration plant will generate more savings.

Cold Stores & Chill Chambers

Milk products
Fresh vegetables
Chilling system for Dairy, Brewery etc.

Frozen Food Storage (- 20ºC)

IQF Fruit & Vegetable

Contact Details

Rutu Agro Food Cold Storage
Multipurpose Frozen Cold Storage

Address: N.H. No. 8, Bhumel Chokdi, At. & Po. Kanjari - 387325.
Ta. Nadiad, Dist. Kheda, Guj - India.

E-mail Us:
dkpatel215@gmail.com, salesdk@rutuagrofood.com

Call Us:
Dipak K. Patel :
+91 95869 74777
+91 90810 04567

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